Oil & Gas Industry SCADA Systems

Our expertise and capabilities in all aspects of automation and information systems related to production, transmission, and processing of oil, gas, and gas liquids products have strengthened our vision in supplying professional solutions in Oil & Gas Field / Pipeline SCADA Systems.

Special attention is paid to guarantee that the strict requirements of remote control and monitoring of hydrocarbon liquids transportation are met. Those liquids may be crude oil, petrochemical products or liquid gas.

All requirements for the operation of gas pipelines are met as well. Our SCADA System solutions are carefully designed for operating of medium to very large pipelines as well as complex pipeline systems.

Prizma Group Automation offers;

  • Oil&Gas Fields SCADA Systems
  • Oil&Gas Pipeline SCADA Systems
  • Horsehead Automation / Well Management
  • Tank Farms Management Systems

for the Oil and Gas industry.

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