Azerigas Caspian Sea Off-Shore Platform Energy Automation / Scada System

Prizma Group Automation has successfully completed the Factory Acceptance Tests - FAT of  an Energy Automation / SCADA System for an Off-shore Crude Oil Platform of Azerigas in the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan, 2010.

The platform is utilized as a power central for distributing Medium Voltage power to the adjacent platforms. The SCADA Control Center shall be utilized as a remote monitoring and control facility for the power distribution network for the platforms within the scope of this pilot project. After successful implementation of the project, the remaining platforms also shall be equipped with PLC/RTU units that will be integrated to the SCADA System.

The proposed SCADA System consists of the following major components:

  • SCADA Control Center
    • SCADA Servers (Vijeo Citect 5000 Tag Server, Hot-standby Redundant)
    • SCADA Client (Vijeo Citect 5000 Tag Client)
    • SCADA Client (Vijeo Citect 5000 Tag Client with large screen projection system)
  • Central Platform PLC Units (Hot-standby Redudant)
  • Remote I/O Units (Ethernet based communications)

The SCADA System was equipped with robust and reliable industrial automation products from Schneider Electric's newest and top-quality product spectrum.

The SCADA Servers and the PLC Units are configured as hot-standby redundant where the standby Server / PLC shall immediately undertake all necessary tasks in case of a primary Server / PLC failure without affecting the operations.







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