Water Treatment Plant SCADA Systems

More stringent environmental constraints demand cleaner water and the need for more efficient water treatment systems.

Water Treatment Plant SCADA Systems help operations and maintenance personnel to remotely monitor&control their plant, detect equipment failures and prepare preventive maintenance procedures for more efficient operations.

Prizma Group Otomasyon provides tailored SCADA / Telemetry / PLC / RTU solutions for Potable Water Treatment Plants.

Our Water Treatment Plant SCADA System solutions are equipped with robust and reliable industrial products of most respected manufacturers such as ABB, Schneider Electric, Rockwell Automation and Siemens.

Customers benefit more than remote monitoring and control over their Water Treatment Plants with real-time data collected and historical data storage retrieved from the most reliable SCADA systems designed in open systems architecture.

A Water Treatment Plant SCADA System design varies depending on our customer requirements and technologies being utilized. However, a typical SCADA System usually consists of the following major components.

  • SCADA Control Center,
  • Communications backbone,
  • Water Treatment Plant PLCs,
  • Pumping Station PLCs,
  • Reservoir PLC,
  • Instrumentation,

SCADA Control Centers in most cases are equipped with a single front-end processor / a server handling the communications with the PLCs at plant level and processing the data collected from the plant instruments, Pumps, motors, valves and other components. One or more Operator Workstations with Human Machine Interface — HMI functions and graphics capabilities are supplied for operations personnel.

Depending on the level of system redundancy, SCADA Control Centers can be equipped with Hot-standby / Redundant configured SCADA Servers in order to eliminate loss of data due to a single-server failure, reduce system down-times and to provide a more reliable system.

Programmable Logic Controllers - PLCs:

Programmable Logic Controllers - PLCs are located at plant level for interfacing with the plant control equipment and process measurement devices. Control of the pumps, compressors, injection units, revolver bridges and monitoring of process signals such as water flows, levels and line pressures are handled by the PLCs.


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