Steam Boiler Automation

Prizma Group Automation offers Automation Systems for Steam Boilers in industrial plants, factories, hospitals and residential complexes.

Following information and other data can be remotely monitored and all necessary controls can be safely executed from a SCADA System:

  • Boiler operating pressure and temperature,
  • Water level and conductivity,
  • Boiler water inlet/outlet temperatures,
  • Boiler and pumps runhours,
  • Chimney gases temperature and analysis,
  • De-gaser tank water level and temperature,
  • Condenser tank water level and temperature,
  • Fuel, Water and Steam flow rates and flow totals,
  • Burner, pumps, fan and valves controls,
  • Efficiency of pumps and boiler,

High quality and reliable PLC's from leading manufacturers such as ABB, Schneider Electric, Rockwell Automation and Siemens are utilized for Steam Boiler Automation Systems, where maximum efficiency and availability is required.

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